What is Waveform?

On a high level, Waveform takes over any electrical switch, and gives it the ability to be connected by Bluetooth, BLE or WiFi and controlled by your smartphone. 

While being able to control your old-school ballast pumps with your phone, that is not all Waveform does. 

Once installed, your pumps become part of a connected network. Once networked, your ballast system becomes one of the most advanced wake enhancing systems ever created. 

Waveform consists of an onboard computer that includes a suite of sensors that monitor the position of your boat. The primary variables that Waveform records monitors are pitch, roll, yaw and speed. As soon as you power on Waveform- it begins its “learning” process. Waveform was designed for wakesurfing, but the system is right at home dialing in your perfect wakeboard wave, your perfect slalom wave, or it can optimize for the perfect evening cruise. Tell Waveform what sport you are engaged in, and it will begin to record, and analyze the position of your boat as it travels through the water. You can use voice commands during the learning process, or you can use your phone to interact with the dashboard.

Waveform will manage your weight and balance seamlessly. Rider profiles are seamlessly integrated with simple voice commands, or two taps of the screen. Changing activity profiles is as simple as a screen tap, or voice command. You create the routine -  and Waveform will handle getting the boat set up.