How does Waveform work?

Once powered on, Waveform walks the user through a proprietary calibration process. Once calibrated, Waveform begins "learning."

Through the app, Waveform becomes your dashboard and command center, which is displayed on your smartphone or tablet. Within this dashboard you can visually see how much ballast is in your tank. Enter a desired percentage, or even a weight, into the app, and the system will either fill or empty depending on what you enter. Waveform knows how much water is in your boat at all times.

The perfect wave is a combination of a few elements. 

The elements that are crucial to every great wave are: 

1. Pitch: The angle of the bow of your boat relative to the water.

2. Roll: The left/right angle relative to the water. 

3. Yaw: The difference between the Heading of your boat and the direction the bow is pointing. Visual picture for clarity: imagine placing an index card on a table, and rotating it a few degrees in one direction, then sliding the index card straight on the table. This is Yaw.

4. Speed. 

These elements are part of every wave - change one, and the whole wave changes. Any given day, your variables are always changing, and this requires the operator of the boat to stay aware of not only passenger safety, but on wave quality. Waveform eliminates the need to constantly monitor wave quality.