About Waveform

The Future of Legacy Boats.

We've all seen them... new boats with touchscreens; surf systems that deploy automatically, and great surf waves that happen with the touch of a button. 

If you have a boat manufactured before 2016, the gap in technology and automation is wide, and expensive. 

Waveform closes this gap - for less than $2,000.


Who is Waveform made for?

If you have an on-board ballast system that uses rocker switches, and you want to command and control your wave with your smartphone or tablet. Waveform is for you. 

Is Waveform Right for Me?

What is Waveform?

On a high level, Waveform takes over any electrical switch, and gives it the ability to be connected by Bluetooth, BLE or WiFi and controlled by your smartphone. 

While being able to control your old-school ballast pumps with your phone, that is not all Waveform does. 

Once installed, your pumps become part of a connected network. Once networked, your ballast system becomes one of the most advanced wake enhancing systems ever created. 

Waveform consists of an onboard computer that includes a suite of sensors that monitor the position of your boat. The primary variables that Waveform records monitors are pitch, roll, yaw and speed. As soon as you power on Waveform- it begins its “learning” process. Waveform was designed for wakesurfing, but the system is right at home dialing in your perfect wakeboard wave, your perfect slalom wave, or it can optimize for the perfect evening cruise. Tell Waveform what sport you are engaged in, and it will begin to record, and analyze the position of your boat as it travels through the water. You can use voice commands during the learning process, or you can use your phone to interact with the dashboard.

Waveform will manage your weight and balance seamlessly. Rider profiles are seamlessly integrated with simple voice commands, or two taps of the screen. Changing activity profiles is as simple as a screen tap, or voice command. You create the routine -  and Waveform will handle getting the boat set up. 



How does Waveform work?

Once powered on, Waveform walks the user through a proprietary calibration process. Once calibrated, Waveform begins "learning."

Through the app, Waveform becomes your dashboard and command center, which is displayed on your smartphone or tablet. Within this dashboard you can visually see how much ballast is in your tank. Enter a desired percentage, or even a weight, into the app, and the system will either fill or empty depending on what you enter. Waveform knows how much water is in your boat at all times.

The perfect wave is a combination of a few elements. 

The elements that are crucial to every great wave are: 

1. Pitch: The angle of the bow of your boat relative to the water.

2. Roll: The left/right angle relative to the water. 

3. Yaw: The difference between the Heading of your boat and the direction the bow is pointing. Visual picture for clarity: imagine placing an index card on a table, and rotating it a few degrees in one direction, then sliding the index card straight on the table. This is Yaw.

4. Speed. 

These elements are part of every wave - change one, and the whole wave changes. Any given day, your variables are always changing, and this requires the operator of the boat to stay aware of not only passenger safety, but on wave quality. Waveform eliminates the need to constantly monitor wave quality.


Waveform Demonstration Video

Installing Waveform

Waveform will connect to any rocker switch installation. All pump configurations are compatible with Waveform. No cutting or splicing electrical wires. No cutting fill or drain lines within your ballast system. Installation is straightforward- and can be done in under 30 minutes. Unplug each rocker switch wire by wire, and match our colored wire to the appropriate terminal. If you have single direction pumps, there are 12 wires to connect; if you have reversible pumps, there will be 15. After installation- you will still be able to control your ballasts manually with your switches.

The unit is waterproof, and mounts cleanly under your steering helm, or any other flat surface.

Short Video on How to Install Waveform

The Basics of Wiring a Switch

The Future of Waveform and Artificial Intelligence.

Waveform in its current form is a fully functional ballast control system, however we are already working on our next level of functionality, and the next level is Artificial Intelligence. AI is a buzzword these days, and very few products actually implement it well, or at all. The best way we can explain what AI is, and how it applies to Waveform is to say this: If you are a wakesurfer or a  wakeboarder - you have a very small piece of a much larger puzzle - of what makes a perfect wave. The number of variables are almost infinite, but that is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. 

Artificial Intelligence algorithms use inductive reasoning/logic to see patterns, and discover new things. Artificial Intelligence was one weakness - it requires an immense amount of data for it to see large patterns that affect large groups of people - and that is where YOU become part of the picture.

Waveform will take subjective input from you, and it apply it to objective position data. There is no perfect recipe that fits every boat, every rider and every water condition - Waveform will crunch the thousands of data points that you are creating every minute, and calculate what YOUR perfect setting is. The more you interact with the system, the smarter it will get. The algorithms cannot learn anything about position data, unless YOU tell the computer something subjective about the wave. We have settled on a rating system from 1-5, with one being not good, and 5 being awesome. We have also programmed in some standard wave descriptors like ‘short,’ ‘long,’ ‘steep,’ ‘shallow,’ etc. So you can say Wave 4. Steep, and short. The computer will tag that information for later calculations. We are working on a sound/voice recognition library that will parse out background noise, and "listen" for subjective cues about the wave your boat is making. Ultimately, we know that you won't want to constantly interact with your phone, and press wave ratings - you want to be present with your family, and enjoy surfing.

You will be able to turn this setting off.  The system will not be able to store audio clips of you. The only thing it is looking for is “context” to apply to certain position data. The data won't be connected to your name. It won't know anything about you. Your boat will be assigned a new random ID each time you power on the device - your data is anonymously stored on the blockchain. Even though the dataset that you create for the AI algorithm is anonymous, your trip and session data is always available to you on your dashboard on your phone or tablet.  

The beauty of anonymizing the data, is that Waveform can send those wave data points to the cloud to be combined with other surfers who are doing the same thing. The algorithms work on the cloud, and use the data to discover what elements are involved in great waves, and even in not so great waves. 

We are working on these advancements - and as we complete small parts of this larger project, we will roll them out to you, so you can run them on your platform. 

Today - as in right now - will allow you to share your setup with anyone with the touch of a button. If you are near another Waveform user, you will have the option to request to see their real-time settings. This is how the surfing, and boating community gets smarter - since we all have small pieces of the answer. 

There are many exciting things on the horizon for Waveform. Waveform.ballast is the first module in a series of many to come. These next modules will control all sorts of things, like existing after-market surf systems, lights, audio and speed. We also have a module coming out that will make your boat safer. 


Videos about Waveform

The Elements of a Perfect Wave

Why are waves so hard to keep consistent?

Calibrating Your Waveform